Warrior Wednesday 5.3.17

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

Welcome and happy May! Can you believe we are already into the 5th month of this year! I feel like time has flown by! 

Before I get started with the latest news from around the mental health community, I wanted to give you an update. When I started these mental health news pieces, I felt like Friday would be a good day to provide a round-up of the week's news. As time went on, I noticed two things: 1) Fridays seemed to sneak up on me and I got overwhelmed posting every week and 2) my Warrior Friday posts just weren't reaching as many people as my other posts, and I attribute it not to the content but the day I was posting. 

With that being said, Warrior Friday has now become Warrior Wednesday. I feel like the title is a bit catchier, and with the name change comes a change in posting. Warrior Wednesday will be posted every other week. That way these posts can be a little bit longer with more content and won't overwhelm subscribers with frequent content!  And with that, here is the first Warrior Wednesday post! 

The Royal Family's Heads Together Campaign

In recent years, William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Harry have been outspoken and active within their communities to spread the message that it is ok to talk about how you're feeling and if you need help. 

Last year they started their Heads Together Campaign in partnership with 8 mental health charities and have been very intentional about expanding the conversation surrounding mental illness. 

Watch this video as the three of them discuss why this is important to them! And if you are on Facebook, go ahead and "Like" their page to keep up to date on their events and articles they share.

Prince Harry has also been more vocal about seeking professional help in recent years to process his grief about his mother's death. You can read a NY Times article about his experiences here.

Though we have, as a society, made great progress in reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness there is still a long way to go. This article from HuffPost shares staggering statistics about mental illness that may surprise you.

10 Stats That Prove Mental Health Treatment Needs More Attention via HuffPost

Anxiety affects many people and sometimes it unfortunately rears its ugly head when we're in public.

Sarah Schuster, a staff writer for The Mighty, has done a great job of putting together a list of effective things you can do on your phone for when you are feeling anxious in public! The ideas range from practicing slowing your breath by following a gif, to writing yourself a note or sending a text to a friend about your thoughts and feelings, to being intentional about noticing your surroundings!

13 Things to Do on Your Phone When You're Feeling Anxious in Public

Follow-up on 13 Reasons Why

There continues to be a lot of controversy surrounding this Netflix show. Many people feel that the show is great and is necessary and has provided an avenue for people to have serious discussions about the topics from the show. Many others feel the show is incredibly dangerous with its incredibly graphic scenes which have very likely lead to the suicides of vulnerable people who have watched the show. 

These next two links will be the final time I will address this show unless something incredibly important related to the show comes up at a later date. 

The first link from Buzzfeed News talks about Netflix's plan to update its trigger warnings for the show. This comes after much outcry from the suicide prevention community feeling that Netflix is irresponsible with the show and that it lacks information to resources for vulnerable people who may watch or who have watched the show. 

The second link is to an interview with To Write Love On Her Arms' (TWLOHA) founder Jamie Tworkowski. He speaks with i-D about Thirteen Reasons Why and responsible and safe depictions about mental illness, self-harm and suicide from the media.

Netflix Is Updating Its Trigger Warnings For "13 Reasons Why"
​how do you safely depict self-harm, suicide and mental health problems in the mainstream media?
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