Warrior Friday 4.21.17

17 Tweets That Get Real About Mental Illness Medication

I forgot to include this in last week's Warrior Friday. My friend Sarah of Stigma Fighters started a hashtag #ShoutOutYourMedChange on Twitter. People posted about their experiences with medications to treat mental illness. 

The Mighty covered the hashtag and ended up using one of my tweets and made it the feature for the article! 

Something very exciting is happening next month! 

I am headed to NYC to read the essay I wrote for Stigma Fighters, which eventually became my blog post Will I Ever Get To Where I'm Going?

Stigma Fighters is hosting an event at NYU's bookstore. Other SF contributors will be attending and reading their essays as well! 

If you are in or near NYU, please come to this event! We'd all love the support! You can RSVP to the FB event here.




Ketamine is typically known as a street-drug. Lately, however, there has been increased talk of ketamine as a treatment for treatment-resistant depression: depression that has not responded to traditional therapies.

The Economist, Time, and NPR have recently discussed ketamine and how it works and what we still don't know about the drug as an anti-depressant.

Sniffing at a new solution: Novel drugs for depression
Ketamine For Severe Depression: 'How Do You Not Offer This Drug To People?'
The Dangers of Using the Club Drug Ketamine for Depression
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