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13 Reasons Why

I know I posted about this Netflix show last week but I wanted to follow up since I have now watched the show. 

If you are going to watch the series...please note that the following content does provide "spoiler alerts," but I do think it may be wise to read it before watching the show....

Last night I finished watching 13 Reasons Why. Here are my thoughts:

I think the series tackles the incredibly serious issues of alcohol abuse, sexual assault, bullying, loneliness, suicide and the aftermath of a suicide, and life as a teenager in high school fairly well. It's the most comprehensive look at these issues in one show than I thought possible.

I was not at all prepared, despite the warnings before the episodes, for just how graphic the rape scenes and the scene where the main character dies by suicide are. I gagged so hard that I almost vomited during the scene of the suicide - it really is quite horrific.

The show does not go light handed on any of these topics. If you are not in an emotionally healthy place, I would suggest not watching this show. Period. I can really see it setting an emotionally vulnerable person off and it is not worth the risk to your well-being to watch this. I also would caution people that are sensitive to violence that this is not likely to be the best show for you either. 

I do think this show has valuable content and can be a show for parents to watch with their children to discuss all of the topics in the show. Sometimes adults can forget what it is like to be a teenager, and I don't think any adult could relate to being a teenager in today's world with social media. I do not think it is wise to allow a teenager to watch this show without an adult. While the target audience of this show is teenagers, I think the developing minds of that age group likely don't have the capacity to process the seriousness of the topics as well as the graphic nature of the show itself.

I was left a bit stunned at the end. It seemed to leave me feeling a bit empty. There, is, however, a sort of after show called Beyond The Reasons that will start after all 13 episodes are done. It is interesting to hear the thoughts behind some of the scenes, the reasoning for why certain scenes were shot the way they were, and perspectives from professionals and the cast - including Selena Gomez - about how to continue to address the issues as seen on the show and what to do from there.

It's still quite shocking what I watched. It will stick with me. Not in a negative way, but in an effective, I will continue to reflect on the topics of the show kind of way.

Below, you can click the picture to read another perspective about the show from a clinical psychologist.

13 Reasons Why: Should Parents Be Concerned About This Netflix Series?

Golden Gate Bridge

Yesterday, April 13th, history was made. 

The city of San Francisco broke ground on their project of building a net at the bridge to prevent people from jumping to their deaths off the bridge. 

My friend Kevin Hines has been working on getting a barrier on the bridge for years and now it is finally happening. Check out his post on The Huffington Post to read more about what happened yesterday!Suicide The Ripple Effect, The Film, The Movement...& Making The Net Real

TED Talks

TED Talks has put together a playlist title "The struggle of mental health." There are 7 talks and each one addresses an aspect of mental health. I have watched most of them already and plan to watch the entire playlist.

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