Warrior Friday 3.31.17

This Week In Mental Health

On Wednesday, March 29th, many in the mental health and suicide prevention community learned of the death of Amy Bleuel. Amy lost her long-time battle to depression and died by suicide last week.  

Amy was the founder of Project Semicolon. Amy started the Project in the Spring of 2013 in honor of her father who died by suicide. The Project soon took on a life of its own as the message of hope and "My Story Isn't Over Yet" spread all over the world. These days, many people, myself included, have tattoos of a semicolon to either honor someone who struggles or died by suicide, or to remind him or herself that there is hope. 

As you can imagine, it has been very hard for those of us who believe so strongly in the message of hope making sense of her death. My therapist said something today that really resonated. She said, "Everybody believed in the message [of the semicolon] because it was right, not because it was Amy." And she is right. The message remains and will continue on, even now that Amy is gone. We will honor her and remember her for the rest of our days. Below I want to share some articles about Amy and the immediate aftermath of her death. 

If Amy Bleuel's Death Leaves You Feeling More Helpless, Please Remember This by Sarah Schuster
Coping with the Aftermath of Suicide: Project Semicolon's Founder, Amy Bleuel, Loses Battle with Depression by Christy Beck

In other mental health news

Yesterday was World Bipolar Day. Find out more about this day in association with the International Bipolar Foundation.
Want to Prevent Violence? This piece looks at the interesting link between brain health and violence. Read this opinion piece with thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Richman and my friend Kevin Hines.
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